Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jack Evans Update

Thanks dwb for the new information. Well, it's not really breaking story stuff but at least it adds on to the general impression that Jack Evans is a waste of space politician who doesn't do crap for his constituents.
Jack Evans Director of Communication emailed me that he saw my blog and asked if he should respond there (on the blog) or to me directly. I told him I was glad the CM was checking into his constituents' vision of his advocacy for us through various methods (blogs) and that his opinion poll numbers must be comparable with George Bush. I further told him we need someone who will take a stand and do what is right--the task force should not be trashed in favor of another task force and more delay. I further said that perhaps the CM should respond in his newsletter (which comes out every Friday) but that we needed action not rhetoric. Here is his response: "Our newsletter is weekly -- We take off one week during the spring recess, that is why there was not one last week. This week's newsletter WILL NOT [EMPHASIS ADDED] touch on the parking issue. However, we will cover that issue in an upcoming newsletter."

Jack Evans: Ineptness still going Strong

Different day, but same old stuff on Jack Evans' website. We guess the production "Where Eagles Fly" needs more hype than other community concerns. Oh, well again nothing new coming from Mr. Evans. The guy is truly a piece of work.
If you have not had the chance to make it over to the Lincoln Theater for the must see production of "Where Eagles Fly", a journey into Shaw's rich history and tradition, you only have until April 19 - so make room in your calendar. Written by Shaw resident and local playwright Carole Mumin, "Where Eagles Fly" illustrates the importance of preserving and passing along the legacies of the communities in which we live.

The play uses music, dance and verse to tell the story of the incredibly rich legacy of Shaw, a neighborhood that has been an integral part of the modern development of African American culture. Over 10 years ago, the play made a successful run at the Lincoln Theatre. Now it's back and a must see for everyone, but it will close soon.

The Shaw neighborhood has experienced many changes since the early '90's and it's important that its history is memorialized and honored. It's important to support our own and I hope everyone will come out and see this magnificent production. For additional information about the play and to purchase tickets, visit or call 939.0560.

Did Jack Evans Flip-Flop on the parking issue?

We have already commented that Jack Evans is a failed leader when it comes to the parking issue in Logan Circle, but we would also like to point out that he is also inconsistent on the very issue that he ducks and hides from. The following comes from the dcwatch website listing Jack Evans' accomplishments in Logan Circle for the 1999/2000 year.
* Parking Task Force members, convened by Jack, have been reviewing existing regions and working on changes that will create more spaces for residents. Their report will soon be presented to the community. Jack has also supported creative solutions like angle parking where neighbors have called for more space.

* Budget money for additional parking enforcement officers will keep out-of-neighborhood cars off our streets, and Jack is working to secure those funds.
Now compare the request for more parking enforcement officers for the intended purpose to "keep out-of-neighborhood cars off our streets" with his recent statement about the Logan Circle parking issue: "I think the mayor has done the right thing to put together a task force to see if they can try to work this thing out."

What exactly does that mean? Did the right thing? For whom? Not Logan Circle residents who are the people Jack Evans is suppose to care about. Why not mention that the community has worked long and hard to come up with a solution and has already had a task force to look at this issue? I guess he does not know. Being out of touch will do that to a politician.

Jack Evans: What is he doing?

As the Logan Circle representative on the DC Council one would expect that Jack Evans would have been a voice of concern over the parking problems in the community. Instead, he has been laregly absent for the debates. If one checks out Evans website you will find a disscusion on the Lincoln Theater production of "Where Eagles Fly," which ENDED seven (count them 7) days ago!!! No where can you find anything on the Logan Circle parking issue.

Its sad when a person who is suppose to be accountable and responsive to his constituents does not feel the need to act on their behalf. In fact, Jack Evans has actually worked against Logan Circle residents by endorsing the Mayor's plan to hold off on enforcment despite the fact that the Logan community and churches have reached an agreement.

Does Jack Evans know what is going on in his community? I don't think so. Does he care? It appears not. If you find Jack Evans to be as bad or inept a politician and community leader as we do then please call his office (202) 724-8058 or email him at

Jack Evans: Too Good For Logan?

The following comes from a discussion thread on DCist about the Logan Circle Parking issue. As Logan's representative on the DC Counci, Jack Evans has done nothing to help his constituents. Read the following post and please call Evans and get him to do his job and actually represent us!

Sean Metcalf (communications director for CM Evans) emailed me today that the CM's position has not changed on enforcement: "Thanks for the email. Councilmember Evans' position has not changed -- The laws of DC should be enforced in full. The DC Council passed these laws and it is the responsibility of the Executive to ensure enforcement is performed." But, I read in the Washington Times: D.C. Council member Jack Evans, Ward 2 Democrat, whose district includes Logan Circle, said the mayor's plan to delay enforcement is acceptable. "I think the mayor has done the right thing to put together a task force to see if they can try to work this thing out," he said. Please email him and call his office and ask about the disparity of information and if double parking is acceptable in Georgetown? His number is 724-8058.

Jack Evans

This is just a sister blog of the Logan Circle Parking Problems blog to highlight the various problems with Jack Evans position on the parking issue.